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Programs Our programs include all day care and part time child care for: two year olds, 3-5 year olds, and school age children.

The two year old program is a scaled down version of our preschool program. We offer a 6 to 1 staff to child ratio instead of the 8 to 1 state requirements.
     Children learn more this year than any other time in their life and our personal attention helps them to excel.
     Their interaction with fellow students builds language, motor skills, and socialization through their relationships. Self esteem and self-help skills are built through continued play and individual attention. 

The preschool program (3-5 years of age) provides opportunities for children to interact with each other, materials, and adults. Self and teacher directed activities guide the children in daily interests.
      Project Construct is a preschool curriculum used and was developed by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This provides hands on learning through individual stimulation and play.
     Interaction of various ages allows the children to develop the whole self by learning from and teaching others at their own pace. 

Our school age program offers before and after school care as well as school closings. Summer provides students all day care with opportunities to interact with friends and participate in field trips to a variety of locations. Our summer themes provide learning and fun.

"We love the variety of activities offered on a daily basis, the extras like Family Nights and field trips, and the staff!"  Amy and Brian Thompson, Pharmacists, Jackson, MO.  Parents of Blake, Brooke, and Braden

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