Big Stuff Preschool & Child Care


Unique Benefits

We are unique at Big Stuff because we offer our families the following benefits.

  • Full and part time child care. We opened in 2000 and have provided preschool educational activities, child care, and day care for children 2-12 years of age on a full and part time basis.
  • Smaller group sizes and lower teacher-to-child ratios. This provides a higher level of individualized attention for your preschool child. Our two year old program offers a 1-to-6 staff to child ratio instead of the 1-to-8 state day care requirement. Our 3-5 year old class offers a 1-to-8 staff to child ratio instead of the 1-to-10 state day care requirement. This allows us to cater directly to your child personally.
  • Development of manners and etiquette. These are taught through daily routines and play and will be used throughout life.
  • Field trips for all ages. We take our Big Stuff bus on a variety activities.
  • A very clean and open facility. This provides easy accessibility to all the children and diminishes the spread of germs.
  • No busy through streets surrounding our Center. We are easily located but provide the benefits of safety and a homey feel in a residential area.
  • Variety and homemade foods. Our menus provide the well balanced nutrition your preschool child needs to develop and grow.
  • Compassionate and devoted. Child care staff that listen and interact with the children. Most staff have degrees or are working toward a Child Development or Early Childhood Education degree.
  • Owner operated. Personal attention for your child and family's individual preschool, child care, and daycare needs.

"Big Stuff had my son completely ready for kindergarten, emotionally and academically.  I can't thank you enough for that!"  Chasity DuPerier, LPN, Jackson, MO.  Mother of Riley

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We are a Jackson, MO, Preschool Center that specializes in
Preschool Educational Programs and Child Care.